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Santa Rosa Child Photographer | Dylan

Hello there, I’m Lindsey, a Santa Rosa Child Photographer!

Even though I’ve had my website for quite a while now, I’ve never actually written a blog post.  In fact, I had to google how to write a blog post.  Lucky for me, wikihow was kind enough to show me in 6 easy steps (with pictures) how to.

So, here we are.  I thought for my first post I should share a little about my own family and post some photos of my own kids.  Then of course I have BIG plans of blogging all kinds of things!  Could be anything from a What to Wear Guide to showcasing images from current (and past) sessions, could even be helpful tips for taking your own photos, who knows… I suppose the possibilities are endless.

Ok, back to this post.  I have two boys, Dylan is 5 and Colten is 2.  They are the cutest, funniest, most wonderful little people and they completely own my heart.  I have been lucky enough to stay home with them full time for the past year and it has been the best year of my life.  Now, that’s not to say there wasn’t a time or two that I wanted to pull my hair out or possibly sell them to the zoo or run away to a tropical island… but really, it’s been great : )

Enough with the talking… Here is my big one


Those beautiful flowers were in a parking lot!  I did a ton of shoots here, sadly the flowers didn’t last long… I feel pretty guilty for probably being the reason they didn’t last long.

And here’s another little corner of my fancy parking lot


And just to keep it real… little boys need to act silly and make faces.  It’s a fact.  I just go with it, as you can see I get plenty of non-goofy faces too.  I have just personally found, that if I let them get their sillies out, then I end up getting what I want too.


This kid, I love him so much.


Well, it’s getting late and I have other editing to do tonight, so I’ll have to make another post to show off Colten (I didn’t bring him along on this shoot anyway).

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.  I hope I stick with my big blogging plans… only time will tell : )




Lindsey of Lindsey Tatum Photography is a Santa Rosa Newborn Photographer also specializing in maternity, family, and senior photography in Santa Rosa, California and Sonoma County.