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Santa Rosa Maternity Photographer|Complimentary Maternity Dresses

Complimentary Maternity Dresses! Yes girl, you read that correctly. You have several maternity dresses to choose from. Let me take the pressure off you, to find (and purchase) the perfect gown for your maternity session. Having a baby is expensive enough, so hooray, one less thing to buy!

Boy or girl? No problem, I carry maternity dresses in shades of blue and pink (actually they are teal and blush to be exact… because plain old blue and pink is sooooo last year!).

Colorful Maternity Dresses

Strapless Teal Maternity Dress with Open Front
Blush Open Front Maternity Dress (can be worn on or off the shoulder)

White and cream maternity dresses too, because who doesn’t love a good neutral! The lace dress has a beautiful train at the bottom, perfect to be spread out around you and all your pregnancy glow.

Neutral Maternity Dresses

Ivory lace Maternity Dress with Train (sleeves are meant to be worn off the shoulder)
Long Sleeve White Maternity Dress (worn off the shoulder)

Hey shorty, we got you covered too, I also have the cutest little short maternity dress. Perfect for you petite ladies! It runs a tad small, but has an adjustable back. This dress came from Vici.

Cream and Lace Short Maternity Dress

Want to bare it all? I have a gorgeous cream and lace robe, perfect for showing off that growing belly of yours. I’d recommend getting yourself a nice bra and pantie set to wear with this. Is “pantie” a good word?… or is “underwear” better… I don’t know, I was undecided and went with pantie because it at least sounds like it could be lacy.. and not just your average cotton underwear… but then there is the word “granny pantie”… anyway, moving on, I have thought about underwear far too long this morning.

Boudoir Maternity Dresses

Cream and Lace Robe
Short Lacy Cold-Shoulder “dress”

Both outdoor and indoor sessions available, pricing can be found here. Whether you want to shoot in a field at sunset or have something more private and intimate, I have you covered!

Indoor Studio Space

I look forward to hearing from all you mama-to-be’s! I can’t wait to document this special time in your life!

Santa Rosa Maternity Photographer | Mustard Field

Hi there, I’m Lindsey, a Santa Rosa Maternity Photographer : )

If you know me, you know I love all things that have to do with wildflowers.  Some might say I’m slightly obsessed.  Needless to say, I’ve been wanting to go out and shoot a maternity session in the mustard field.  The weather seems to be a bit hit or miss lately… sometimes sun, sometimes fog and clouds.  I was really hoping for sun tonight and lets just say mother nature did not disappoint!  I feel like I’m always talking about weather but I guess for me the weather does play a big role in how the session will turn out.  A sunny backlit photo does have a different feel to it than one with an overcast sky.  For me the mustards and the sunshine go hand in hand, must be all that yellow.

This was my first time meeting this mama to be and she was just as sweet as ever.  As we discussed beforehand, she brought a few outfits and was even brave enough to change behind a bush- lol.  We started with a beautiful cream lacy dress.  I loved the soft cream color with the pops of color from the grass, mustard flowers and the huge acacia tree that happened to be in full bloom (good thing I took my allergy medicine that morning!).  Her next outfit was one that showed off her beautiful baby bump!

I do recommend bringing a few outfits to a session, it adds a nice variety to your gallery of photos and in regards to a maternity session, it is nice to bring along an outfit that will let you show off that bare bump!  (and if you’re concerned about a few stretch marks, don’t worry, those are easy to lighten/remove in Photoshop).

Santa Rosa Maternity Photographer_0002


Santa Rosa Maternity Photographer_0004


Santa Rosa Maternity Photographer_0003

Halfway thru the session we changed locations.  A few days prior I happened to be driving by an orchard that was full of blooming mustard and bare apple trees.  It looked so gorgeous I knew I had to shoot there.  I had a wonderful time with this stunning mama and I can’t wait to meet her baby boy!


Santa Rosa Maternity Photographer_0005


Santa Rosa Maternity Photographer_0006


And my personal favorite of the evening, actually this image is probably in my top 10 of all time… Aly truly made my vision come alive with this shot.

Santa Rosa Maternity Photographer_0007


Lindsey of Lindsey Tatum Photography is a Santa Rosa Newborn Photographer also specializing in maternity, family, and senior photography in Santa Rosa, California and Sonoma County.


Santa Rosa Maternity Photographer | Rainy Day

Hi I’m Lindsey a Santa Rosa Maternity Photographer!

Normally I like to shoot in the sun, I love that golden glowing backlighting, that magical hour before the sun goes down.

BUT… that doesn’t always happen, we are preparing for a very wet winter here in California and you know what, I’m going to embrace that rain!

The slight drizzle, the use of a cute umbrella for a prop, the red dress, the grey sky… it was all perfect.

We started out drinking a little hot chocolate… who doesn’t love hot chocolate with little marshmallows?!




Hollen Maternity BW (31)


Then we got cozy under a blanket





While we were waiting for mama to change her outfit, I snapped a few of these two.  As you can tell, she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger



Then the beautiful mama reappeared, isn’t she gorgeous!





I can not get enough of Layla and this little umbrella.  I have a feeling she is going to be a great big sister!









I just love Ashlee’s style!  When we talked about how to style her session, she said she wanted a cozy wintery feel and I think we did just about perfect on accomplishing that!









Soon to be a family of four!









Lindsey of Lindsey Tatum Photography is a Santa Rosa Newborn Photographer also specializing in maternity, family, and senior photography in Santa Rosa, California and Sonoma County.