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If you’ve never had a professional photo session it can sound a bit nerve wracking at first.  What do I wear, where are we going to go, what do I bring, what if my kids act up?  All these questions are totally normal!  And I’m here to tell you to RELAX!  Your photo session will be a fun and memorable experience.

If you’re booking a family session, about a week prior to our date, I’ll reach out to you and we’ll discuss our exact location.  I have several places I like to go, but depending on weather, time of day, the season, etc. my favorite spots change (you heard about the time I drove up to a location with my clients and there was a man on riding lawnmower cutting down the beautiful field of mustard flowers we were planning on shooting in, right?!).  So, that’s why I like to wait until just a few days before our session to make a final decision.

I do like you to have some say-so in where we go, they are your photos after all, and I hope they grace your wall and picture frames for years to come!

You can do two things, take a look at my portfolio and see if there’s a certain “look” that appeals to you and let me know.  I’ll make every effort to use that same location or one similar.  Or, choose from the following:

Grassy field {Think of an open space, with tall grass, maybe a few flowers depending on the season of course}

Wine Country {Love the vineyards, so do I!  Fall of course is my favorite time of year for that, when the grape leaves turn red and orange-it’s just beautiful!}

Urban {Think brick buildings, alley ways, corrugated steel walls, stone, graffiti, staircases, etc.}

Beach {speaks for itself, right?!}

The best time of day to schedule your session is approximately one hour before sunset.  Senior sessions will start a bit earlier, as we’ll need more time for clothing and location changes.  Newborn sessions are generally best mid-morning or early afternoon.  Studio Baby sessions, mid-morning-ish (we can be flexible depending on nap schedules and such).

What do you need to bring… just your smiling faces : )

If you have young children, maybe a snack (I get cranky when I’m hungry too!).   And, if you are ok with it, I usually bring some sort of treat for a little bribery (so please let me know beforehand if there are dietary needs I need to be mindful of).

Kids acting up… please, I have two little stinkers of my own!  I want your session to be fun and stress free.  Sometimes I even let the kids take charge and tell me what they want to do.  We might spend a few minutes getting to know each other or hey, maybe they’ll plop right down and start smiling away.  No matter what, don’t stress.  I have lots of tricks up my sleeve and I promise I’ll have you all laughing by the end.  I may make a total fool out of myself (have you ever heard a grown woman meow like a cat… actually, don’t answer that).  All joking aside, we’ll have fun and you’ll have many great images to prove it.

If you are booking a newborn session, I have a list of FAQ’s to send you.  I’m sure you’ve had enough of my rambling by now.

As always, shoot me an email if you have any other questions!

Lindsey of Lindsey Tatum Photography is a Santa Rosa Newborn Photographer also specializing in maternity, family, and senior photography in Santa Rosa, California and Sonoma County. 

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