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Santa Rosa Child Photographer | Colten

Oh Hey Lovelies, it’s Lindsey, your Santa Rosa Child Photographer!

Well, well, well…. seems my big blogging plans went by the wayside… But seeing how it’s the start of a new year, I’ll give it another shot.

I’m sharing these photos I took last summer of my youngest, Colten.  He just turned two when I took these.  He is oh-so-adorable, but he can also be the biggest stinker!








Did I mention he has lases that make all the girls SWOON!  He practically gets attacked when we visit the make up counters at Ulta, all the girls are so jealous!



Seeing how most two year olds like to run away from the camera… a little bribery can’t hurt.  I actually set the candy on the flower (see below) and said “don’t you touch that candy!”  “You’ll be in big trouble!”… and you know what he did…




He looked right at me and smiled big.  Boom.  I got my shot.  Then he of course grabbed the candy and ran away.








Two… The struggle is real…



Here’s a quick tip, if you have a toddler at your session, bring a step ladder!  These bottom two photos he’s sitting on the ladder and I just zoomed in.  He runs so fast it’s hard to get a good up-close shot of him, having the ladder gave him something to climb and kept him still for a few seconds.

I just love this little guy, I call him my forever baby… it feels bittersweet to know that he is the last baby I’ll ever call my own.  I guess I just want to hang onto the thought of him being my little baby for as long as I can.




Hope you enjoyed meeting my youngest : )




Lindsey of Lindsey Tatum Photography is a Santa Rosa Newborn Photographer also specializing in maternity, family, and senior photography in Santa Rosa, California and Sonoma County.